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Obesity is much more than a cosmetic concern and could be life threatening if left unchecked. Being obese increases the risk of developing hypertension and several other serious health problems. Adults and children may be affected and the incidence of childhood obesity is on the

Eat Right for Your Skin Type – The Beauty Of Food

  New research shows that the secret to defying age is in what you eat! This approach to skin care may seem unattractive as the switch to an anti-aging, pro-skin diet does not achieve overnight results. As we get older and become more susceptible to

The Beauty Foods

Beautiful, healthy, glossy skin is in your future if you stick to the basic rules of eating right.  You would eat a variety of Fresh Organic Fruit and Vegetables. You would also eat Whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, couscous and barley. Lastly, Oily

Vitamin and Mineral Therapy

    As far back as ancient Egypt, people realised that they could prevent and treat different illnesses and health problems by eating certain foods. For instance, these people ate liver which is rich in Vitamin A to prevent night blindness which is caused by

Body Wraps

I just had the most amazing Spa experience at “The Bellagio”, Las Vegas. After a long exhausting trip, I was faced with two options. Either to go straight to sleep or unwind at the spa East of the Hotel Conservatory. Nothing could have prepared me for the

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