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Bangs Breakouts

If you’ve ever worn bangs or a fringe you would have been thrilled by the new look it gave you. For those of us who have worn bangs you can identify with the fact that they can transform your face dramatically making you feel like a whole new person. If you were like many of us, you were probably not prepared for some unexpected problems like greasiness, high maintenance and forehead breakouts.

Bang breakouts are quite common and I’ve seen lots of patients who have presented with this problem. This happens when oil builds up on the hair, rubs against the forehead and blocks pores and is worse in hot, humid weather.

  • Breakouts may also be caused by the bangs trapping oil that the skin produces as well as sweat and dirt.

Styling products like gels and oils could also contribute to forehead breakouts.

These bumps can be avoided and controlled if you wash your face and hair regularly. An exfoliating face wash is your best bet. Look for ingredients like salicylic acid or glycolic acid that sweep away dead cell build up. You can also make an effort to keep bangs off your face when you work out because you sweat and produce more oil then. Changing up the style to side swept or pulled back bangs for instance when the weather is way too hot can do your skin a lot of good.

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