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Have You Been Getting Enough Sleep?

Benefits of Sleep:
We’ve all been sleep deprived at one time or the other and know how cranky that can make us feel. Sleep is undeniably the greatest of healing therapies and how much you get is most important to reap its benefits. 

If you are in a chronically cranky or neurotic state, you might not be getting enough shut-eye. It is important to realize that Sleep is not a waste of time or a state of inactivity and that it in fact serves a purpose. A lot of people in the “rat race” find that they can’t get enough sleep because they work long hours and have to wake up extra early to beat the traffic. 

It is difficult to get the recommended eight hours of sleep every night unless you have loads of time, freedom and paid help. Busy people on the average, get about 5-6 hours of sleep and this deprivation can account for a myriad of human error mishaps such as Road Traffic Accidents and Life threatening errors in judgment.

Without enough sleep, work performance is adversely affected. Getting enough sleep could change you as person as this will definitely put you in a better mood, with improved mental clarity that will boost your overall efficiency.

The neurotransmitters (chemicals fired between nerve cells) responsible for positive feelings like excitement, confidence and joy are replenished every night during sleep. This explains why mood is affected if you are sleep deprived. Mood declines and depression and stress are on the rise if you don’t get enough sleep.

Some researchers have found that some mild psychological disorders may be as a result of the lack of REM sleep (Dream sleep). It is believed that during REM sleep that new information is stored in long term memory and that the brain creates new neural circuits. During dream sleep, our most bizarre thoughts can be vented out in the mind and lack of this type of sleep could lead to hallucinations, depression and violence. 

Children need 10 – 12 hours of sleep in order to grow to their full potential as growth hormone is released during sleep. Sleep is very important for the health of a child too. It promotes memory, alertness and performance. A sleep deprived child is more prone to moodiness and behavioural problems.

People who sleep well are able to keep more ideas in their heads simultaneously and are able to think more clearly. Quality of sleep is as important as duration. Interrupted sleep is not as beneficial as straight sleep even if they are for the same periods of time. 

The consequences of sleep deprivation in the healthcare and aviation industries can be devastating as judgment and mental faculties are less than intact. Fatigue related decision making has been responsible for several patient deaths. 

REM sleep is responsible for how we think while non-REM or deep sleep (the first four stages of sleep) is responsible for how we feel concerning exhaustion. 

Sleep deprivation could lead to metabolic and hormonal imbalances exposing you to several life threatening diseases like diabetes, heart disease and obesity. 

The body works hard to regenerate itself during the night and to repair environmental damage to the cells. Sleep is very important for overall health and greatly affects the way your skin looks. 


Tips To Help You Sleep Better:
  • Establishing a comforting routine before bedtime like drinking a glass of warm milk or a cup a chamomile tea could help
  • Avoid Caffeine after 2.00pm
  • Avoid rigorous exercise for 5 hours before bedtime
  • Avoid heavy meals within 3 hours of your bedtime
  • Read yourself to sleep
  • Empty your bladder before you get into bed
  • Spray an Aromatic pillow mist such as Lavender
  • If your mattress is uncomfortable you may end up tossing and turning all night so Getting the right type of Mattress encourages restful sleep
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