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Get Your Skin Glowing!

You could have Great Skin for Life if you stick to a routine that works for you. After age 30, skin cell renewal slows and layers of dead skin builds up leading to a dull lackluster appearance.
Skin reflects well-being and care starts from within. A well balanced diet with Vitamins to fill nutritional gaps and drinking enough water determine how healthy the skin looks. Start your day with Lemon Juice in warm water and drink 3 Litres of water daily.
Constipation leads to toxic waste backup into your bloodstream leading to breakouts and rashes. Tackle this by increasing the fibre in your diet and water consumption
Exercise improves circulation, increases oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin and expels toxins.

Smoking reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and Nicotine inhibits the absorption of Vitamin C which is essential for collagen production resulting in Wrinkles and Sagging.
Alcohol dilates and weakens capillaries leading to bruising and splotches. Salt promotes water retention leading to a bloated, puffy look.
Stress compromises the immune system. The body goes into the fight-or-flight mode to preserve life by redirecting blood flow to vital organs thus reducing flow to the skin. Chronic stress increases tension lines on the face and associated Insomnia speeds up the aging process as skin regeneration that goes on during sleep is disrupted.
A sleep deprived person looks older and more haggard. Sleep deprivation also causes the facial skin to sag with shadows appearing under the eyes.
Your twice-daily basic routine should consist of three steps:
Consistency provides the best results and any product used on the face should also be applied to the neck and décolleté.


Step 1: Cleansing
A cleanser helps remove oil and debris from the surface of the skin and may come as soap (liquid or bar), cleansing milk or cleansing cream.
Step 2: Toning
A toner also known as an astringent, freshener or clarifying lotion is used to re-acidify your skin preparing it for your moisturizer.
Step 3: Moisturizing
Moisturizers come as creams, lotions or gels depending on skin type requirements. Eye creams are formulated for the delicate eye area. Sunblock use is a must after daytime moisturizing.
Extra treatments to add once or twice a week are
  • Exfoliation with scrubs to remove dead cell buildup, stimulates circulation giving skin a healthy glow
  • Use of Treatment masques
  • Steaming
  • Monthly Professional
Remember to treat your body with as much Care!!
Thank you for reading my article. #GetGlowing


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