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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Benefits of a MakeUp Detox

Taking a Break from makeup once in a while has loads of Benefits! 1. A reduction in Breakouts caused by clogged pores and the use of unsanitary implements like makeup brushes. 2. Wearing too much make up exposes Skin to loads of chemicals and toxins

Real Age

Did you know that your real age could be significantly different from the number of Birthdays you’ve had? A 20 year old could have 60 year old cells and vice versa. Real Age also known as Biological age is the age your body really is.

Smoking Hazards

  Smoking is a major risk factor for many health problems. Some of these problems are life threatening. Smoking is a risk factor for a good number of forms of Cancerwhich is attributed to the tar contained in cigarettes. Other harmful and carcinogenic substances in

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